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Graphic Design

We design billboards, ads, and logos for our clients. We also have them printed in accordance to our customer's needs. From small decals to massive billboards, we have you covered.

Whitfield Media employs a well-trained, in-house graphic designer to create billboards, fliers, logos, and banners for our clients. This is especially important if you want to extend your reach of a new product or service you are wanting to sell. The best part about this is that we guarantee a 24 hour turnaround for your project!


We also have a photographer, who travels to our clients' businesses to capture special events, new products, promotions, and staff head shots. This can aid in social media advertising (i.e. Facebook) and/or building your website.

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Social Media

We create ads to post on social media to reach thousands of potential customers.

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Beautiful Photographs

Nothing speaks better to new and existing clients than a unique photograph of your brand.

North Sunflower Medical Center advertisement


Looking for creative fliers for a special event or promotion? Look no further! Our team designs them, no problem!

Sunset Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram advertisement

Magazines & Newspapers

And we design magazine and newspaper ads as well!